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Aluminium Wire Drawing Oil

Aluminium Wire Drawing Oil is used for wire drawing oil with medium load.


Aluminium Wire Drawing Oil

GL-LUBETECH AWD-15 is a blend of refined mineral oil with combination of special, effective on relative high temperature lubricating improver, anti-corrosion and anti- foam additives. It contains in higher yields and improved surface finishes. It greatly improves the hydrolytic and thermal stability of the finished oil and essentially eliminates rancidity problems encountered with the use of fats.

Aluminium Wire Drawing Oil has good combination of mineral oil with high flash point and fatty acid for saponification value providing excellent wire drawing and less residue of oil in wire drawing machine.

It is used for wire drawing oil with medium load.


  • Ashless burns off clearly.
  • No-staining.
  • Good Thermal Stability.
  • Good Oxidative Stability.
  • Good Hydrolytic Stability.


Meets Followings Specifications:-

  • ISO VG Series