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EPL Grease

EPL Grease is lithium based grease it long life extreme pressure grease.

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EPL Grease

A Grease which is Extreme Pressure Long Life Lithium Grease specially fortified with heavy dose of Extreme pressure additives, it can be used for general purpose machinery to heavy duty machinery in manufacturing plant. This bearing grease will provide bearing extra mechanical stability, thermal stability and protect from high pressure wear and tear.

EPL Grease has a high drop point compared to conventional lithium grease and good consistence for better pump ability.

Features & Benefits:-

  • High mechanical stability – the grease keeps its consistency in service ensuring long lubricant life.
  • Good adhesion – continuous lubrication and reduced consumption as film stays between lubricated surfaces.
  • Good water resistance – the grease film remains on the surface even in the presence of water.
  • Resistant to copper and steel corrosion – helps prevent rust and oxidation on metal surfaces.
  • Excellent EP and anti-wear properties – protects equipment against extreme loading and helps minimise bearing component wear.


  • All Types of Industial Bearings
  • Machinery subject to extreme pressure like Rolling Mills, Ceramic Industries and many more.

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