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Neat Cutting Oil

Neat Cutting oil is suitable for machining operations


These oils contain a sulphurised fatty material, which improves oiliness property thus providing better surface finish. Sulphur incorporated in these oils become chemically active at the tool-work piece-chip interface and ensures protection to the cutting tool over a wide range of operating temperatures.

This oil is suitable for machining operations on high tensile stainless steel as well as Ni-Cr alloys by automatics, gear cutting, hobbing, drilling, reaming and thread cutting machines. To obtain best results with the use of this product, it is necessary that a copious flow of oil at low pressure is maintained at the cutting area. It is used for cutting operation on non-ferrous metals and its contact with soft metal bushes in machines should be avoided.


Provides continuous protection to tool edges over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Helps in improved surface finish due to the added oiliness property. • Enables machining of tough, ductile steels in severe operations. • Prevents localised welding between the chip and tool.

Keeps at minimum, oil drag-out losses


Exceeds Followings Specifications:-

Meets IS : 3065-1985 (Reaffirmed 1995) Type III Grade 2