It is top tier multi-grade engine crankcase oil manufactured from premium quality virgin base stock.


15w40 –  Multigrade Engine Oil

15w40 Motor Oil manufacturer and supplier is high-performance heavy-duty engine oils manufactured from high-quality base oils, which have been fortified with additives to provide excellent protection against wear, deposits and corrosion, longer drain intervals.

It is multi-grade engine oil with optimal TBN for long drain internal and best performance.

A single grade oil like 15W or SAE 40 oil has a high viscosity when cold and a lower viscosity when hot. The first number 15W is the viscosity of the oil at cold temperature, and the second number 40 is the viscosity at 100 °C. The 15W40 designation means that the oil is a multigrade oil.


Available in all API Grades :

  • API – CF4


Recommended for all diesel engines and also for off-highway equipments.


  • Low Maintenance.
  • Long Life Of Engine.
  • Excellent Engine Cleanliness.
  • Less Engine Vibration.
  • High Detergent, Dispersant and Oxidant levels.
  • Excellent Protection against High Temperature Deposits.
  • Longer Oil Drain Period, good film strength and economical


Meets Followings Specifications

  • API CF-4/SG