High Temperature Grease

High Temperature Grease is used for high speed bearing where mechanical and thermal stress are extremely high.

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High Temperature Grease

High Temperature Grease is designed to meet high speed bearing protection in machinery. It not only to protect the bearings at high temperature but also to lubricate them for smooth performance of bearing in that condition and it is also fortified with extreme pressure additives to resist mechanical load.

This grease contains anti-oxidant additives which impart long term lubrication which also provides a good thermal stability due to high drop point ( >= 260 Deg C) compared to conventional grease. It also has more water washout properties than normal grease.


  • High speed bearing in electrical motors.

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Lubrication of machine elements, plain bearings and anti-friction bearings operating at high temperatures.


  • Reduces friction and Pressure.
  • Extend bearing life.
  • Increase lubrication intervals.
  • More energy efficient.
  • Water resistant.
  • Prevent seizure.


Meets Followings NLGI Grades:-

  • NLGI – 2
  • IS 12790:1999

[Grade 3]

  • IPSS: 1-09-008

Other Available Standard As Per Requirement are NLGI 00,0,1 &2.