Long Life Grease

Excellent retention properties under extended working condition leading to increased equipment / bearing life.


Long Life Grease is a premium quality lithium soap based multi-functional grease. Made from premium quality base oil and strengthened with superior additives. Provides extraordinary performance, especially for heavy-duty applications. For a longer drain period than normal lithium-based greases, a special chemical is also used. Used in automotive wheel bearings on all types of automobile vehicles. This grease gives a long life when used in trucks or buses bearing.

Passenger cars, vans, trucks, farm tractors and general industrial equipment, machine tools, and home appliances.

Recommended for the lubrication of automotive chassis fittings and bearings and for general industrial lubrication where service conditions are moderate.


  • Reduces friction.
  • Extend bearing life.
  • Increase lubrication intervals.
  • More energy efficient.
  • Water resistant.
  • Prevent seizure.
  • Provide  longer drain period.


Meets Followings NLGI Grades:-

  • NLGI – 3
  • BIS 7623

Other Standard Available As Per Requirement.