20W40 is a MultiGrade Engine Oil

20w40 –  Motor Oil

20w40 Motor Oil is high performance heavy duty engine oils manufactured from high quality base oils which have been fortified with additives to provide excellent protection against wear, deposits and corrosion, longer drain intervals.

It is multi-grade engine oil with optimal TBN for long drain internal and best performance.

20w40 Motor Oil is recommended for all petrol & diesel engines and also for off-highway equipment.

Available in all API Grades :

  • API – SC/CC
  • API – CF
  • API – CF4
  • API – SL
  • API – SJ
  • API – SM



  • Petrol or Diesel Operated Engines
  • Industrial Machineries


  • High Performance
  • Wear & Tear Protection
  • Long Drain Interval
  • Reduce Carbon Deposits
  • Eco Friendly


Meets Followings Specifications

  • API CF