Industrial Oils

Industrial Oils

Rubber Process Oil

Rubber Processing Oil assists in modifying physical properties of finished rubber products.

Aluminium Wire Drawing Oil

Aluminium Wire Drawing Oil is used for wire drawing oil with medium load.

Turbine Oil

"Turbine Oil" is primarily designed to use it in turbines.

Spindle Oil

Spindle Oil is a low viscosity lubricants containing anti-ware, anti-rush and anti foam additives.

Glass Mould Oil

Glass Mould Oil are non-graphite type glass mould oils used for de-moulding in glass moulding industry.

Quenching Oil

This oil is used as quenching medium in general heat treatment application where tower quenching speed is desired.

Compressor Oil

Compressor oils are specially developed compressor oils to provide satisfactory lubrication under prolonged high temperature and load conditions.

Rust Preventive Oil

GP 125 is used as rust-preventive for protection of black sheets during storage and transportation in Steel Plants.

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil is an Excellent fire-resistance coupled with good cost and performance makes water glycol fluids the right choice for many industrial applications.

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